Hector Aldana

Managing Broker

Enthusiastic and efficient, Hector Aldana comes to real estate with a reputation for providing outstanding customer service for over 27 years. Hector has extensive personal experience in property investment and is equipped with first-hand knowledge of the needs of property owners and investors. Hector has been licensed with the California Department of Real Estate since 1994 and has an NMLS endorsement was a certified appraiser in California for 20 years, along with over 25 years of property management in residential and commercial complexes. Hector had engaged in mortgage loan origination for over 27 years in the residential and commercial investment arenas.

Hector has a strong knowledge of the local and Bay Area property rental, lease commercial and residential markets which allows him to provide reliable advice to his clients to save them time and money. He has constructed sound methodologies and techniques in property management and has composed a winning team behind the scenes to assure maximum property incomes and revenue streams in rental and lease markets and with property owners and investors.    His emphasis is in maximizing profits and improving quality and is focused and proactive particular will find that Hector is the kind of property management broker who happily involves them in every aspect of a property management,  A great communicator with a warm, easy-going approach, Hector understands that property investors want to receive honest, up-to-date information about how their property.


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